BITHOLAW is a business law boutique in Paris, France, founded by Dr. Theo BITHO, a bilingual attorney-at-law who has lived and worked in the United States and Africa and is currently based in Paris, France.

BITHOLAW specializes in delivering comprehensive legal services to two distinct groups:

Foreign Investors in Africa

We cater to foreign investors considering investments on the African continent or those already engaged in business activities in Africa. Our legal expertise ensures that these investors navigate the complex legal landscape seamlessly, providing the necessary support and guidance to make informed decisions.

Diaspora Members Exploring Investments

For diaspora members exploring investment opportunities in Africa or within their country of residence, BITHOLAW offers tailored legal services. As a member of the African diaspora, we understand diaspora members’ unique needs and challenges and provide expert legal counsel to facilitate their investment journeys.

At BITHOLAW, our commitment is to provide our clients with the legal expertise and support they need to succeed in their projects.