Dr. Theo BITHO
Charlemagne Doumassi - Maritime Law - thirteen (13) years of experience as counsel.

His areas of specialization include:
Maritime Law: Providing legal counsel on matters such as vessel acquisition and registration, maritime contracts, charter agreements, marine insurance, and maritime labor issues. Harbor Logistics: Assisting clients with legal aspects of port operations, cargo handling, customs and international trade regulations, logistics contracts, and supply chain management. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring clients’ compliance with international maritime conventions, local regulations, safety standards, environmental laws, and customs requirements.


During his eighteen (18) years working on African affairs, Dr. Theo BITHO has established a network of competencies in Africa, Europe, and America. BITHO LAW can leverage the strengths and insights of professionals from various regions. This facilitates cross-border collaborations and market entry into different regions and provides a deeper understanding of local legal, cultural, and business practices.

BITHO LAW has access to professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in specific regions, enabling a better understanding of local regulations, business practices, and cultural nuances.