Dispute Resolution

We work in resolving cross-border disputes efficiently and effectively. We offer
comprehensive expertise in international arbitration proceedings, commercial and
investment, including both institutional and ad hoc arbitrations. Focusing on achieving favorable outcomes, we guide clients through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration processes, leveraging our deep understanding of international laws and regulations.

Infrastructure and Energy Law

At BITHO LAW, we understand the intricate legal challenges inherent in infrastructure and energy projects. We provide strategic counsel and representation across the entire project life cycle, from inception to completion. Our comprehensive services cover regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, project finance, risk management, environmental considerations, and dispute resolution specific to the infrastructure and energy sectors.

Public-Private Partnerships

We have a proven track record of assisting clients in navigating the complexities of public-private partnerships. Our team advises on the structuring, negotiating, and implementing PPP agreements, ensuring alignment with legal and regulatory
frameworks. We bring a holistic approach to PPP projects, integrating legal expertise with commercial insights to create mutually beneficial partnerships between public and private entities.

Project Finances

Our boutique has extensive project financing experience across various sectors, including infrastructure and energy. We provide comprehensive advice on financing structures, negotiations with lenders, risk assessment, and the preparation of financing documentation. We assist clients in securing funding for their projects, ensuring the financial viability and successful implementation of their ventures.

OHADA Business Law

With deep knowledge of OHADA’s legal framework, we guide clients through the intricacies of OHADA business law. From corporate governance to contract negotiation and compliance, we offer tailored legal solutions that align with OHADA’s harmonized business laws across multiple jurisdictions in Africa. Our expertise helps clients navigate the unique legal landscape and leverage opportunities within OHADA member countries.

Project Development

Our law boutique has a proven track record in advising clients on various aspects of project development, from inception to completion. We assist in structuring projects, negotiating contracts, navigating regulatory requirements, and managing legal risks. We aim to ensure that projects are executed efficiently while mitigating potential obstacles and maximizing success.

Regulation and compliance

We possess in-depth knowledge of regulatory frameworks across industries, enabling us to guide clients in understanding and complying with applicable laws and regulations. Our team helps clients navigate complex legal requirements, develop compliance programs, and address regulatory challenges. We prioritize proactive risk management to protect our clients interests and maintain their compliance with regulatory obligations.

Maritime Law

Our law boutique excels in handling maritime law matters, including issues related to shipping, maritime contracts, maritime accidents, maritime insurance, and international trade. We assist clients in navigating the complex legal landscape of maritime activities, ensuring compliance with international conventions and domestic regulations. Our team’s experience in maritime law enables us to provide strategic advice and effective representation to clients in the maritime sector.


With a deep understanding of the agribusiness sector, we provide comprehensive legal support to clients involved in agricultural production, processing, and distribution. Our expertise covers areas such as land acquisition, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. We are committed to assisting clients in capitalizing on opportunities and overcoming legal challenges within the agribusiness industry.