Documents, spreadsheets, demonstrations, images, datasheets, design data files – just about every business has an incredible amount of documents and assets that really must be shared with co-workers. Back in the pre-cloud days, sharing these data files would sometimes mean using file transfer protocol applications or sending a physical blank disc across the country (affectionately known as ‘sneakernet’). Today, with an increase of and more businesses moving to cloud computing platforms, on the net document writing tools can be a must-have.

The easiest method to share files online depends upon your needs and preferences. A few prefer the comfort of email, while other people prefer more robust features just like eSignatures, traffic monitoring, and protection. No matter which alternative you choose, it may be crucial to prioritize security and privacy, particularly when sharing sensitive data with partners.

A popular choice is DocSend, a protect file-sharing program trusted by simply more than 12, 000 companies around the world. That allows you to give multiple backlinks in mere seconds and modify a message to get every recipient. Moreover, you can control access and track exactly who views what when, even after the data file has been downloaded. This is done via email verification, passcodes, and expiration periods.

Another good option is Dropbox, which provides an easy way to upload and share large documents with any person. You can also conveniently collaborate with them and add officially binding eSignatures. Its absolutely free tier presents 2 GB of storage, while additional space can be purchased for a monthly rate. Lastly, Dodge is a web document-sharing program that integrates with Salesforce and offers a strong set of features including collaborative editing and real-time conversation.

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